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Birdie Balls: Energy Balls for the Athlete in You

Good, healthy food has always gotten us excited, but Revel Kitchen Birdie Balls have been an especially big hit—and not just among golfers.


Birdie Balls were inspired by the Masters—literally. Simon was working as a chef for the St. Louis Cardinals during spring training in Florida when, in a stroke of luck, he rented a room from PGA Masters Tour pro Rickie Fowler. The two became friends and, of course, the conversation turned to nutrition.


Fowler is known for his stylish orange attire and the charisma he brings to the game, but he was having a hard time getting enough high-quality calories when he was on the golf course. He was packing PB&Js in his golf bag, but after a couple of hours in the hot sun, his sandwiches were a soggy, unappetizing mess. By the end of the day, lack of good fuel for his body was taking a toll on his shots, and on his health.


The solution: Fowler needed something packed with protein and calories without refined sugar to keep his mind and swing strong throughout the day. It needed to be small enough to fit into his bag, and solid enough to stay fresh in the heat of the summer sunshine. If it could also be delicious, well, that would be an added bonus.


Simon went to work in the kitchen, combining a whirled paste of pitted dates with real peanut butter, pea protein, antioxidant-rich sorghum and a few tasty, natural ingredients like hazelnut and cocoa, inspired by Fowler’s love for Nutella.


Nothing fits into a golf bag like golf balls, so he rolled a few out into golf ball-sized rounds, packaging them in sets of three like a sleeve of Fowler’s TaylorMade TP5x’s. Not only did they make Fowler feel better; they gave him the delicious energy he needed to maintain his game all day long.


He liked them so much that he told about them here.  


Rickie Fowler isn’t the only pro who raves about Birdie Balls. LPGA champion Michelle Wie eats them too. In fact, she wrote about them in her blog after Simon created a Hawaiian-inspired version packed with macadamia nuts and coconut just for her.


“The energy bar that I eat every round is the Birdie Balls by Revel Kitchen,” she said in her blog. “I love these bars because they are refined-sugar-free and paleo. Also, they hand-make every Birdie Ball and ship them to me every tournament so that they are fresh (they don’t have any preservatives in them).”


Take a Shot at Birdie Balls from Revel Kitchen


Birdie Balls aren’t just for the pros. They’re great for anyone looking for a paleo, completely organic, clean food energy snacks to get them through a workout, through a game, or through the day. 


Our most popular flavor is hazelnut cocoa, but visit us in our Clayton Revel Kitchen location or St. Louis Revel Kitchen store on Brentwood to see what other flavors we’ve mixed up for you. While you’re at it, check out our fantastic menu and fill up your body with real food, real fast, real fresh.


You can also order Birdie Balls online for takeout or delivery right to your door.


Order Birdie Balls from Revel Kitchen now

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